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I'm Ian Gibson, an Anglo-American working in higher education. My main interests are cycling, exercise physiology as it relates to cycling, and (secondarily) science, philosophy and what's going on in the world more broadly.

Although much of my physical and mental energy is directed at all things cycling, I do write on other topics from time to time.

To make things easier to navigate, I've divided my website up into several separate sections, listed in decreasing order of esotericism:

Ian's Training Notes is a weekly update on my cycling training

Ian's Cycling is a long-term project to write a comprehensive collection of articles on cycling science

Ian's Articles is where you can find longer pieces I've written on topics other than cycling

Ian's Comment is my blog on topics currently of interest to me (possibly including cycling!)

My Strava page has many of my cycling activities

My YouTube page is home to the cycling videos I've made

Here is my personally-developed, and as yet incomplete, cycling training plan

You can get in touch with me via email

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